Welcome to your monthly DreamWork Circle!

Welcome! We are so excited to dream with you!

This is a place for us to connect as empowered dreamers. Here in the circle we are all equal, here to learn from each other and grow together.

The content for each month's dream seeds and conscious journeys will be determined by the dream guides of the participants. This is a living curriculum that is co-creative and ever evolving. Each month Jamie Fenix and Amanda Lux will be consulting with the dream guides of the group, as well as you, our beloved participants, in order to cultivate a sacred container that is responsive and relevant to our collective growth on the highest level.

We welcome your feedback along the way!

This is an interactive space so please feel free to leave a comment below introducing yourself. You are welcome to say something about your dream practice, or share your intention for joining this cohort of dreamers.

We are over the moon excited to go on some healing, educational, empowering adventures in conscious dreamwork with you!